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I'm installing DmC on my PS3 right now, so I finally get to see if all of the complaints about it are valid or not. However, that's not my reason for making this post.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown seems to be the first single player game that I've been able to consistently play longer than a month in a really long time. I pre-ordered it, dealt with game breaking bugs and am still playing it now. My latest attempt is classic ironman mode with some of the second wave options on. This game is

I just found out about this musician tonight. I'm loving almost every track on her debut album. It's a bit hard to define, but the closest I could get is a strange mixture of trip-hop, dubstep and techno. It's different. Just listen. It's called "3 hours."

I play games and sleep simultaneously. I don't know what you guys are talking about. Anyone else have dreams about gaming?

I thought I'd share this little gem I found the other day with those who appreciate a good 90's DnB track.

So, I platinum'd Far Cry 3 in about four days. It was a very fun game. The wildlife really added some unexpected excitement to some of my outpost raids. The story was kind of "meh" but that comes from playing Spec Ops less than a week before. Any storyline in a game is probably going to seem like garbage compared to

New Killzone: Mercenary gameplay and interview video. I'm pretty excited for this, but the crotch stabs made me groan a little.

So I beat Vanquish this morning and had fun with it. I started Spec Ops: The Line immediately afterwards but only got a couple chapters in. I loaded it up later in the day at about seven PM or so and played through the rest of the game. Right now the credits are rolling and I'm pretty much stunned at how amazing that

"Everyone wants to be the champagne, not the glass. Everyone wants to be the flower, not the vase."

Fatal Frame 3 after 1 AM. This is going to be fun. I still wish that Fatal Frame 4 was released on something other than the Wii and outside of Japan.

Not game related. Anyone else have this? I just want to see how many people do on here.

I'll be disappointed if the PS4's controller doesn't have at least this many analog sticks and buttons.